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Introducing, Flash Fiction Live!

A thumbnail from the Flash Fiction Live YouTube show.

After writing hundreds of flash fiction stories, you would think a blog post would be one of the easiest pieces of writing, but for me, that is not the case. Welcome to my first blog post! 

Over the past two and a half years, Natalie Locke and I have created a YouTube series, Flash Fiction Live. Initially, the show was weekly on Saturday mornings, you can watch our archive here. In the beginning, our inspiration came from Write the Story. We worked our way through the prompts together, trying different approaches from outlining to pantsing and everything in between. On our celebratory stream we write the final three prompts and take a break for the new year.

We absolutely loved, Write the Story, but we were missing something. We created our own prompts after doing the prompts from write the story.

Even though we took a step back from drafting, we were sure of one thing; we wanted more.

We’ve since entered our editing era of all those flashes we drafted, but continue  creating our own prompts.

We’re still doing that and you are welcome to join us!

In our monthly live shows, we draft a flash fiction story based on one of our prompts, sometimes we edit something we’ve already drafted, and sometimes we do both. But, that isn’t enough for us. As we did with drafting, we want more of a challenge. 

Sure prompts are challenging, but have you tried banning a crutch word from your first draft or writing a story while seated on a busy sidewalk bench? What about making the story rhyme or writing without dialogue? Could you write a story without any prose? Before Flash Fiction Live, we hadn’t tried those things either. 

So we’re back with a monthly schedule and we’d love for you to join us, grab a prompt, pick a challenge, and carve out some writing time. We’ll save a virtual seat for you! Follow our socials below for scheduling details. 

You can find Natalie online here:

You can find Chandra online here:

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